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  • Leopards are glamorous! I`m no exception to the rule
    In sunlight| I shimmer and shine like the finest of jewels

    Some say that I’m cute| some say that I’m silly
    I’m both| but don’t forget pretty and frilly!

  • It`s understandable to gawk
    I`m a brilliant-looking peacock!

  • My hooves are red and green
    My sequins have a sheen
    I don`t have antlers on my head
    I have a golden horn instead

  • Silent flights on starry nights
    But you won`t see or hear me.
    I swoop right down to the ground|
    To snatch a meal I have found!

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    I`m a cute little llama all cuddly and furry
    Take a ride on my back if you`re not in a hurry.

  • I`m a cute little llama all cuddly and furry
    Take a ride on my back if you`re not in a hurry.

  • Bubble baths and bones make me a happy dog
    I like chasing rabbits and catching jumping frogs.

    I eat lollipops and candy
    And I share them with my brother Andy !

  • I know I look wild`N`crazy
    but don`t you try to run
    just pick me up and hold me tight
    and we`ll have lots of fun.

  • Look at my frightful stare
    Cross me only if you dare

  • If you give me some love| I`ll do a trick
    I like to play fetch| just toss me a stick !

  • The sunny pasture`s where I play
    Eating grass throughout the day

  • Throw the ball| I`ll bring it back
    Reward me with a tasty snack
    I`ll be your best friend
    We`ll be pals `til the end

  • I have a secret just for you ?Sometimes I?m pink
    And sometimes I?m blue.

  • I love to run and jump and play
    So we’ll have fun all through the day !

  • My purple body is sewn with care
    It`s such an awesome color to wear.
    Why is it so great to me ?
    Because it`s the color of royalty !

  • I surely am the sweetest bear
    Here`s my heart to show I care!

  • I`m the prettiest turtle in the sea
    My pink shell looks good on me!

  • At last it`s that time of year
    For Holiday spirit to reappear !

  • I come from a distant planet.
    We can fly in my spaceship
    anytime you like!

  • I live in a haunted castle.
    My friends are mostly ghosts|
    goblins and even witches!

  • At last it’s that time of year
    For Holiday spirit to reappear!

  • I love to give a mighty roar
    Once or twice and sometimes more!

  • I`m the cleanest pig you ever did meet
    When I walk through mud| I wash my feet!

  • Sliding down the slopes is fun|
    My sledding skills are # 1 !

  • I love to give a mighty roar
    Once or twice and sometimes more !

  • My favorite day I must say
    Is when it`s time for my birthday
    Because there`s lot of gifts for me
    I`m as happy as can be !

  • A sweet meow that`s just for you
    I save that sound for very few
    It means I think that you`re a dear
    And I always want to have you near !

  • Swinging about from tree to tree
    So happy I will squeal with glee
    There are such fun times to be had
    When you live in a Jungle pad !

  • I will waddle to and fro
    To help this bunny that I know
    Brightly colored eggs we`ll hide
    All across the countryside !

  • In the mountains; up so high
    Where you feel you can touch the sky
    In the shade of a bamboo tree
    This is where I am meant to be !

  • As melodic as your favorite tune
    As romantic as the stars and moon
    My love for you makes my knees weak
    So hold me closely; cheek to cheek!

  • When it`s time for me to nap
    I`ll just let out a little yap
    Then I`ll lie down and curl up
    Because I`m a good Sugarpup !

  • Summertime is here once more
    And I can`t wait to hit the shore
    The beach is where I`ll spend my days
    Soaking up the summer rays !

  • Summertime is here once more
    And I can`t wait to hit the shore
    Let`s catch some waves and have some fun
    Good times have only just begun !

  • A wonderful day to celebrate
    Right in front of the Palace gate
    In honor of her 80 years
    Filled with smiles and with cheers !

  • Now that spring is finally here
    Let`s let out a great big cheer
    Flowers in bloom| as you can see
    So here`s a Petunia to you from me !

  • Way up where the cold wind blows
    And people wear their winter clothes
    I`ll be there playing on my sled
    With my warm knit cap on my head !

  • Years ago a boat did dock
    At a place called Plymouth Rock
    When we set foot upon the ground
    We knew that `home` is what we found !

  • Across the land the English be
    So proud to have so much to see
    We`ll show you all our history| too
    For England is the place for you !

  • In France we say things differently
    Instead of night we say| Nuit
    Je t’aime| is what I’d say to you
    And you’d reply| I love you| too!

  • He’ll hug me when I have a fright
    Read bedtime stories late at night
    He’ll make me smile when I am sad
    That’s why I’m happy he’s my dad!

  • Manicure| pedicure and facial| too
    The perfect treat for me and you
    What a great way to unwind
    From the normal daily grind !

  • I love my life; it’s so much fun
    Playing in the Hawaiian sun
    And then I’ll hula dance all night
    It really is this pig’s delight!

  • Don`t worry that I have this name
    The truth is that I`m very tame
    The only hunting I will do
    Will be to find more friends like you !

  • Make sure that you are at your place
    When we say Thanksgiving grace
    For friends and family we adore
    There`s so much to be thankful for !

  • Some people get the shakes and shivers
    When they see a ghost named Quivers
    But he’s not here to scare anyone
    He wants to have some Halloween fun!

  • Sleeping all day and up all night
    Waiting to pounce and give you a fright
    She means no harm| just playing a game
    She’s very loveable and quite tame!

  • She thinks when her head is underground
    The rest of her body can`t be found
    The Beanie Babies think it`s absurd
    To play hide and seek with this bird !

  • Echo the dolphin lives in the sea
    Playing with her friends| like you and me
    Through the waves she echoes the sound
    “I’m so glad to have you around!”

  • Nanook is a dog that loves cold weather
    To him a sled is light as a feather
    Over the snow and through the slush
    He runs at hearing the cry of `mush !`

  • Fleece would like to sing a lullaby
    But please be patient| she’s rather shy
    When you sleep| keep her by your ear
    Her song will leave you nothing to fear.

  • With his bushy tail| he`ll scamper up a tree
    The most cheerful critter you`ll ever see|
    He`s nuts about nuts| and he loves to chat
    Have you ever seen a squirrel like that?

  • Once upon a time so far away
    A unicorn was born one day in May
    Keep Mystic with you| she`s a prize
    You`ll see the magic in her blue eyes!

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